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Number 1.
...... people trying to get into the football stadium.
A. There were too much
 B. There were too many
C. It was too many
D. There was too many

Answer : B

Number 2.
When Bond saw Vanya taking photographs of the plane, ....... that she was a spy.
A. dawned on him
B. it dawned him
C. it dawned on him
D. it dawned on

Answer : C

Number 3.
I ....... you can swim so well and I can't.
A. hate
B. hate it that
C. hate that
D. hate it

Answer : B

Number 4.
Dave lost his job and was short of money, so ...... his flat and move in with his brother.
A. that he did was to sell
B. what he did was to sell
C. what he did sold
D. what he did was sell

Answer : B, D

Number 5.
....... been diverted, they would have arrived early.
A. Had the plane not
B. The plane had not
C. Hadn't the plane
D. The plane not had

Answer : A

Number 6.
....... that Marie was able to retire at the age of 50.
A. So successful her business was,
B. Her business was so successful
C. So successful was her business,
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A. Study this example situtation: Hendry is a bus driver, but now he is in bed asleep. So : He is not driving a bus. (He is asleep.) but He drives a bus. (He is a bus driver.)
Drives(s)/work(s)/do(es) etc. is the present simple:
I/We/You / They drive/work/do etc.
he/she/it drives/works/does etc.
B. We use the present simple to talk about things in general. We are only thinking about now. We use it to say that something happens all the time or repeatedly, or that someting is true in general. It is not important whether the action is happening at the time of speaking: * Nurses took after patients in hospitals.
* I usually go away at weekends.
* The earth goes round the sun.

Remember that we say : he/she/it -s. Don't forget the s:
I work .... but He works .... They do .... My sister does ....
C. We use do/does to make questions and negative sentences: do I/We/You/They work? / come? /do?
does he/she/it work?/ come? /do?

I/we/ they/ don't work / come / do
He/ she/ it doesn…


A. Study this example situtation: Sophia is in her car. She is on her way to work.
She is driving to work.

This means: she is driving now, at the time of speaking. The action is not finished.
Am/she/it is ~ing is the present continuous:

I am(= I'm) driving he/she/it is (he's etc.) working
we/you/they are (we're etc.) doing etc.

B. I am doing something = I'm in the middle of doing something; I've started doing it and I haven't finished yet. Often teh action is happening at the time of speaking.
* Please don't make so much noise. I'm working. (not 'I work')
* 'Where's Olivia?' She's having a bath. (not 'she has a bath')
* Let's go out now. It isn't raining any more. (not 'it doesn't rain')
* (at a party) Hello, Fania. Are you enjoying the party? (not'do you enjoy')
* I'm tired. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight!

C. We use the present continuous when we talk about things happening in a perio…

Introducing iPhone 7

This is iPhone 7.

It makes all the things you do with your iPhone better, faster, and more powerful. Two new finishes --
Black and Jet Black -- highlight its seamless design.

A new camera captures shots you never could before. That's because its larger f1.8 aperture, new sensor, and six-element lens enable brighter, more detailed photos and videos. And Optical Image Stabilization allows for a longer exposure, so you get even better images in low light.

The Apple-designed Image Signal Processor analyzes every shot to automatically deliver the very best result. And the Quad-LED True Tone Flash illuminates brighter and farther. iPhone 7 Plus also features a telephoto camera. The two cameras operate as one, giving you 2x optical zoom and high quality imagery when you zoom even farther.

The new Retina HD display -- with a cinema-standard wide color gamut -- is the best and brightest ever on an iPhone. It's also the first iPhone with a stereo speaker system, delivering a powerful, immer…

The Horse and The Snail : Funny Short Story For Kids

Once there was a horse he was very proud of himself he saw a snail seeing how slowly the snail would the horse teeth did :" Hey snail shall we have a race."

He asked the snail was angry with the horse. "Okay let's do it we will race on Sunday," say the snail. The snail went home and called all the snails together.

He told him about the race they made a plan to outsmart the horse when sunday came the left home barriers.

They took up hiding places a little distance from each other all the way from the starting point to the finishing line. The race started the horse ran a little then looked up he's not a snail ahead of him. The horse increased his pace where the field was still ahead. The heart started running harder and fun.

However hard the horse tried the snail you are still ahead of it cried out the poor horse finally gave up. "Okay I lose," said the humble part.

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