September 29, 2017

Introducing iPhone 7

This is iPhone 7.

iPhone 7

It makes all the things you do with your iPhone better, faster, and more powerful. Two new finishes --
Black and Jet Black -- highlight its seamless design.

A new camera captures shots you never could before. That's because its larger f1.8 aperture, new sensor, and six-element lens enable brighter, more detailed photos and videos. And Optical Image Stabilization allows for a longer exposure, so you get even better images in low light.

The Apple-designed Image Signal Processor analyzes every shot to automatically deliver the very best result. And the Quad-LED True Tone Flash illuminates brighter and farther. iPhone 7 Plus also features a telephoto camera. The two cameras operate as one, giving you 2x optical zoom and high quality imagery when you zoom even farther.

The new Retina HD display -- with a cinema-standard wide color gamut -- is the best and brightest ever on an iPhone. It's also the first iPhone with a stereo speaker system, delivering a powerful, immersive audio experience. The enclosure has been entirely re-engineered to make this the first water-resistant iPhone.

It's driven by the A10 Fusion chip, the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. High-performance and high-efficiency cores let you do the majority of your tasks at a fraction of the power, giving you the longest battery life of any iPhone.

iPhone 7 makes the things you do most even better. It's the best iPhone we've ever made.

September 11, 2017

The Horse and The Snail : Funny Short Story For Kids

Once there was a horse he was very proud of himself he saw a snail seeing how slowly the snail would the horse teeth did :" Hey snail shall we have a race."

hourse and snail

He asked the snail was angry with the horse. "Okay let's do it we will race on Sunday," say the snail. The snail went home and called all the snails together.

He told him about the race they made a plan to outsmart the horse when sunday came the left home barriers.

They took up hiding places a little distance from each other all the way from the starting point to the finishing line. The race started the horse ran a little then looked up he's not a snail ahead of him. The horse increased his pace where the field was still ahead. The heart started running harder and fun.

However hard the horse tried the snail you are still ahead of it cried out the poor horse finally gave up. "Okay I lose," said the humble part.

June 12, 2017

Clothing Idioms

Clothing Idioms

Example Sentence
at the drop of a hat
without needing any advance notice
My Grandma will babysit for anyone at the drop of a hat.
(have a) bee in one's bonnet
something that is annoying someone
Milan has had a bee in his bonnet all day, but he won't tell me what's wrong.
below the belt
beyond what is fair or socially acceptable
His comment about Manfred's handicap was below the belt.
bursting at the seams
not fitting anymore
I ate too much. I'm bursting at the seams in these jeans.
caught with one's pants down
My students caught me with my pants down on Monday. I forgot about the field trip.
(have a) card up one's sleeve
have a secret or reserve plan
I think Josh has a card up his sleeve cause he wants me to wear a dress to the fast-food restaurant.
buckle down
work extra hard
It's almost exam time, so I need to buckle down this weekend.
burn a hole in one's pocket
money that one is tempted to spend
Let's go to the mall after school. There's a hundred dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket.
dress to kill, dress to the nines
dress in nice or sexy clothes
My cousin was dressed to kill on her birthday.
fit like a glove
fit perfectly (tight to one's body)
Anita's prom dress fits me like a glove.
fine-tooth comb
in great detail, extremely carefully
The police looked for fingerprints with a fine-tooth comb.
fly by the seat of one's pants
do by instinct, not by plan
I had never taught art to kids before. I had to fly by the seat of my pants.
handle with kid gloves
treat delicately
Please handle my grandmother's tea set with kid gloves.
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June 11, 2017

Colour Idioms

Colour Idioms With Sentences

Example Sentence
beet red
dark red (usually to describe face)
My sister's face turned beet red when I caught her singing in front of a mirror.
black and blue
bruised and beaten
We found the poor guy black and blue near the train tracks.
black and white
straight forward, very clear
The rules we gave the kids were black and white. No answering the phone or the door.
black out
I always black out at the sight of blood.
black sheep
the odd or bad member of the group
My oldest brother was the black sheep in our family. He dropped out of school at fifteen.
born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
born into a rich family
Keiko hasn't worked a day in her life. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
catch red handed
catch someone in the act of doing something wrong or illegal
The kids were caught red handed stealing chocolate bars.
golden opportunity
the perfect chance
The models' conference was a golden opportunity for me to sell my beauty products.
grass is always greener on the other side
you always want what you don't have
I always wanted to go to university, but now I wish I had time to get a job. Grass is always greener on the other side.
grey area, gray area
something without a clear rule or answer
Writing personal email in the office is a grey area that needs to be discussed at the next meeting.
the green light
The builders were given the green light to begin the tower.
green with envy
very jealous
I am green with envy over Julio's new wardrobe.

colour idioms with sentences

Example Sentence
(have a) green thumb
be skillful in the garden
You can tell by her flower garden that Sheila has a green thumb.
have the blues
be sad or depressed
I always have the the blues during the winter time.
in the dark
Antoine left his wife in the dark about their honeymoon destination until they got to the airport.
in the red
in debt
When we were in the red we almost had to sell the house.
once in a blue moon
very rarely
We only go out for dinner once in a blue moon.
out of the blue
I got a phone call from a long lost cousin out of the blue last week.
red tape
official or bureaucratic tasks
There is still some red tape to deal with in terms of the inheritance.
red eye
an airplane flight that takes off after midnight
I caught the red eye so that I would see the sunrise over the mountains.
roll out the red carpet
treat someone like royalty
When relatives come to town my grandmother rolls out the red carpet.
rose coloured glasses
unrealistic view
Paula imagines Hollywood with rose coloured glasses.
see red
be very angry
I saw red when that guy grabbed my sister's purse.
tickled pink
very pleased and appreciative
My mom was tickled pink when my father brought roses home for her.
true colours
real self
Suzanne doesn't show her true colours when we have guests over.
white lie
an innocent lie to protect another person's feelings
We told Grandma that her cake was delicious, which was actually a white lie.
with flying colours
with distinction
I passed my road test with flying colours.